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The City of Pueblo is the recipient of a GOCO Inspire Grant and has a local program called Get Outdoors Pueblo (GO Pueblo).

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City of Pueblo Department of Parks and Recreation

The City of Pueblo Department of Parks and Recreation is a city department whose mission is to improve quality of life of city residents and visitors by providing numerous amenities for people of all ages to enjoy the outdoors and other organized groups and gatherings. The City of Pueblo Parks and Recreation manages several facilities including over 24 miles of bicycle and walking trails, two swimming pools, more than 70 park sites totaling over 682 acres, the Arkansas River Kayak Course, and Mineral Palace Rose Garden. To learn about all the other amenities and activities available to the city’s residents and youth, visit the Department’s website at:

U.S. Forest Service

Close to the City of Pueblo, the Pike and San Isabel National Forests & Cimarron and Comanche National Grasslands (PSICC) make up the most diverse forest throughout the five-state Rocky Mountain Region, covering three million acres. The Forest Service works within local communities across the landscape to successfully provide recreation opportunities, ecosystem services and resource production on these public lands. PSICC is a busy urban national forest noted for the majority of fourteen thousand foot peaks in Colorado and its span from Colorado’s Front Range to the wide-open grasslands of western Kansas. Over 60 percent of the water used by metropolitan area of Denver, CO originates from the South Platte River.

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Boys and Girls Club of Pueblo County

Get Outdoors! Meet new friends your age who have the same interests as you do by joining the Boys and Girls Club of Pueblo County (BGCPC). Two BGCPC clubhouses at Risley Middle School and Southside Children’s Center provide afterschool and summer programs that immerses youth between the ages of 6-18 in numerous activities and outdoor programs. Activities include leadership and teambuilding exercises and outdoor programs include team sports, bicycling groups-triathlons, running groups, and other outdoor-related activities. Check out our website for all the activities and programs BGCPC has to offer.

Lake Pueblo State Park

You want to camp or hike and enjoy nature at its best, go to “The Reservoir,” Lake Pueblo State Park. The park approximately 60 miles of shoreline, and is known for its fishing, boating, camping, and trails amenities. Find out more about things to do at The Reservoir by visiting the park’s website at:

Mountain Park Environmental Center

Located in the 611-acre Pueblo Mountain Park in Beulah, an easy 25-minute drive west of Pueblo, Mountain Park Environmental Center (MPEC) is an award-winning education center that provides numerous opportunities for people to connect with Nature. The Mountain Park is a perfect outdoor facility so close to Pueblo – hiking trails, pine trees, wildlife, picnic sites, wildflowers, all in a beautiful and easily accessible natural mountain setting!

Along with comprehensive programs for schools, MPEC offers a variety of other recreation and education programs for people of all ages. MPEC’s Summer Camps provide children from kindergarten through high school age with life-changing summer experiences in the natural world. We offer day-camps as well as overnight camps, and all camps include round-trip transportation from Pueblo. Many of our camps spend time in the nearby San Isabel National Forest, and residential camps spend the night in the newly renovated Horseshoe Lodge, now known as the Horseshoe Lodge and Retreat Center. Scholarships are available for all of our camps!

Other programs include Nature Toddlers, Guided Hikes, Evening Yoga, Spring Break Camp, and many workshops and retreats on various topics. Lots more information about Mountain Park Environmental Center can be found at:

Pueblo City Schools

Pueblo City Schools is the school district that serves the City of Pueblo, and improves education for the 18,000 students at the 32 different public schools throughout the City. The district improves education through its mission—a unique educational community strengthened by its diversity, culture and traditions – is to guarantee a “world-class education that prepares graduates to succeed in a global society”. This will be accomplished in a safe, secure environment through innovative state-of-the-art technologies, superior curricula, and highly skilled educators driven by active partnerships with students, families and communities. For more information about the school district, check out its website at:

Nature and Raptor Center of Pueblo

Nature, Owls, and Birds of Prey, Oh My! Get To Back To Nature by visiting the Nature and Raptor Center of Pueblo (NRCP). The NRCP is located along the banks of the Arkansas River at 5200 Nature Center Rd, Pueblo, CO 81003 and offers many nature and environmental education programs. Numerous opportunities are available to the public and youth including watch live birds of prey such as eagles, owls, hawks and falcons. The NRCP strives to increase student awareness and appreciation of the natural resources and biodiversity present in Pueblo and to understand the role of humans as part of the environment. To learn about all the opportunities and experiences you have in your backyard, check out the NRCP’s website at:

Pueblo Zoo

Go Zoo Wild! Go For a Few Hours! Go For A Day! The Pueblo Zoo is a 25-acre facility located in the southern half of the Pueblo City Park, and is home to more than 400 animals representing over 120 different species from around the world. The zoo is accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) and provides outdoor education and entertainment opportunities, including camps, school programs, and field trips, to facilitate the understanding and appreciation of the natural world and provide a quality environment for animals and people of all ages to enjoy. Come to Learn, Come For a Stroll, or Come to See and Observe animals in their habitat! For more information about Pueblo Zoo’s events, check out its website at:

Pueblo YMCA

Go Camping! Do You Want to Learn About How to Survive in the Outdoors? Do You Want to Learn Archery or Shooting? Whitewater Rafting? YMCA offers many programs and opportunities to experience nature and group activities including various camping adventures. These camps offer teambuilding, confidence development, and just plain fun in experiencing what the outdoors has to offer. The Pueblo YMCA is located in the northwest corner of the city in the Westside neighborhood. To learn more about the camps and activities offered, check out the Pueblo YMCA’s website at: